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We consistently introduce original, creative, new ideas with our customers in mind.


S.R. Electro is committed to providing customers with authorized, genuine components with the least risk of counterfeit. S.R. Electro can provide full traceability of the commercial components sold.


The Client comes first in everything. We strive to provide every Client with services and products of uncompromising quality. We do this by dedicating ourselves completely to the services we provide.


We constantly seek innovative ways to enhance customer care and provide value to our customers. We learn from our mistakes as well as through our successes.


S.R. Electro is dedicated to servicing the laboratory needs of the electronics enthusiast and professionals alike. Our mission is to be the most preferred by engineers and buyers to design, prototype, test and manufacture electronics.


Over the past few years, we’ve seen a remarkable growth in S.R. Electro. This is mainly due to our dedication towards customer’s satisfaction and our hunger towards new innovation
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S.R. Electro
S.R. Electro, are among the prominent and leading Indian Company with expertise in semiconductor distribution, kitting & consolidation. The range of product includes LED, IC, diffusers and passive components.
Our main focus is bringing customer delight by providing high quality & reliable products to our clients from trusted & reputed suppliers at an affordable price.
Our main focus is bringing customer delight by providing high quality & reliable...
S.R. Electro is committed to being independent, sustaining profitable growth and...
We work closely with our clients to understand their needs and provide them high...
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